Net. Artist Sonya Goldberg Rapport


The artwork she created in her lifetime consists of a plethera of mediums from traditional applications of painting, drawing, abstract art, figurative work, as well as her most popularly knowm and most recent interactive digital artworks she has produced and displayed in galleries. The context of her work most often remains within similar motifs. For example, her work Smell our Destiny was an interactive web art project on the ever-changing values of society. Sonya also explores the concepts of gender often, and the social and cultural normative ideals relative to the expectations of these concepts about women.

Her pieces tend to consist of a series of multiple explorations of mediums in repetitvely posed visual themes. Her goal in mmind is to offer a diversity of concepts collectively offered the viewer to read into in thought. It allows her collections to carry over piece to piece to execute a sequence of unique perspectives under one idea. As an extrodinary artist who prevailed in her work for three-quarters of a century, the sheer quantity of different pieces developed on her own, through inumerable creative mediums, through tranitions in artistic style and technology; Sonya Rapoport adapted to the turbulant spectrum of change with progress in the feild of art. Sonya changed the standards for women in art, and successfully defied the odds and created a life that was full of art to the very end.

In grateful memory of Sonya Goldberg Rapoport.